Friday, March 20, 2009

El Paso Tax Day Tea Party

Wednesday, April 15th 4PM TO 6PM
State Line Restaurant
1222 Sunland Park Drive

Dr. Tim Roth will be our featured speaker



  1. Hi all;

    here's a link to Dr. Roth's bio on the UTEP website:

    As an Objectivist, and by corollary a Libertarian, politics is a source of constant frustration for me. Republocrats are always in power. But, Uh-Bama is WAY worse that anything I've seen in my lifetime. He must be stopped.

    I've created a site with some "bumper stickers" that might appeal to those of you with a sense of absurdism; feel free to download and use any that catch your fancy:



  2. prove you are from el paso Raargh

  3. Hi Conan;

    Your question begs many others. It reminds me of the secret questions and answers exchanged during WWII... "who is Babe Ruth?", etc. How can anything I post constitute proof of my origins? With the internet at my fingertips, I can divine a wealth of historical and other facts about El Paso, and offer them as evidence I was born here. Of course, I was not - I was born far, far away.

    Why should it matter where I am from? Would my criticisms of Uhbama be rendered any less valid, if I were to be from .... let me pick ... Canada, eh? Or Dell City? Or Orogrande? Or Cornudas? Or Derry Arrey? Perhaps I am writing this from the Owl Bar and Cafe (now that the Cornduas Burger is but a fond memory)

    Perhaps you really meant "Prove you are a current resident of El Paso". Again, a difficult task. I might have agents in El Paso, who for example, reported that a small thunderstorm drifted over NE El Paso at around 8:30 on 8.10.2009. I might have other agents who visited and used it to grab a typical RoadRunner IP address and related information.

    Your IP: *not gonna tell* Geolocate on Google map and more ISP, Proxy IP and Internet Protocol Address info for
    Country: (USA) - United States IP Address or Proxy Internet Protocol Location
    Region: Texas
    City: El Paso
    ISP: Road Runner
    Host: *my little secret*
    Web Browser
    Firefox 3.5.2
    Operation System User Agent, Operation System and Web Hosting info
    Windows XP

    But, I think the real question is this: why so hostile? Instead of the unfriendly "prove you are from El Paso" directive, why not a nice " Howdy, raargh, thanks for the link! Do you live in El Paso? Great weather here! Hope to see you at the 9/12/2009 teaparty!"

    Raargh (take a look - you might find it interesting)